Wednesday, February 4, 2015

January just fly by!

It seems like the New Year only started, and yet here we are and it is February 4th already!  When I stop and think about all that happened during January 2015 it is a bit of whirlwind to be sure!  

It was wonderful to work on the documentary filming with April Butler for the Calgary Mosquito Society (, and I look forward to hearing more about their work on the Hawker Hurricane.  As soon as I have more information I will pass it along!

I had a chance to share Elsie's story two more times during the month - once with my colleagues and just this past weekend at Vintage Wings at the Gatineau Airport.  If you have never seen the vintage aircraft there, which is airworthy, it is really worth seeing!  For more information see:

I had a wonderful time learning about the planes, seeing the functioning Hawker Hurricane and the initial work on a second one.  It was incredible to see just the wood frame completed.  One of the next steps will be to sew the cloth covering onto the wood.  That's right - planes have not always been all-metal in their construction.  

 Thank you to everyone who has been able to come out to the book launches.  Your support means a lot!  I look forward to continued reasons to share Elsie's story as the year progresses!

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