Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Celebrate National Engineering Month!

March is National Engineering Month in Canada.  It is a great time to stop and ask just where would be be without engineers.  If we really stop and think about it, and learn all we can about the incredible diversity of the engineering profession we would quickly realize that many aspects of our daily lives have been developed by or are still dependent on the important work engineers do!

Engineering is an incredible diverse field.  For example there are:
  • electrical engineers
  • civil engineers
  • geological engineers
  • environmental engineers
  • aerospace engineers
  • mining engineers
And this is a very short list!  For more information in engineering in Canada check out Engineers Canada:

I would also recommend you check out #30in30 to learn about incredible woman engineers all throughout the month of March!

As Elsie Gregory MacGill was the first woman to practice engineering in Canada, I will be highlighting some of her key engineering achievements throughout the months of March. 

Stay tuned!

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