Sunday, June 12, 2016

Queen of the Hurricanes and the 99s International Conference - July 2016!

Queen of the Hurricanes:  The Fearless Elsie MacGill will be touching down at the Ninety-Nines International Conference in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada this July 7th, 2016 at the Delta Ottawa Hotel!  The flight plan is approved, and only 24 days remain before the conference opens!  

I will be onsite selling and signing books at the Trade Show starting on Thursday. 

This is a special conference for all women aviators, and more information can be found at:

Queen of the Hurricanes and the Calgary Mosquito Society

In January 2015, I had the chance to assist the Calgary Mosquito Society with some work they were doing on the Hawker Hurricanes.  As part of their goal to share the history of the Hawker Hurricanes with the wider public, they decided to produce short videos about the planes.

I was asked to provide some information related to Elsie MacGill.  The resulting video, "Queen of the Hurricanes" is available free of charge on YouTube at:

This was a wonderful opportunity, and the resulting video is an excellent way to encapsulate an important aspect of Elsie's work.   

If you would like to know more about the work of the The Calgary Mosquito Society please see their website: 


One point to note - a small error on my part when speaking about the Maple Leaf II - this plane was incredible for many reasons including the speed of the work and the fact that it was the first airplane designed and overseen by a woman through to prototype, but it was not an all-metal airplane.  There were indeed important metal aspects of the plane in the fuselage, but it was covered in cloth.  For more information on the specifics related to the Maple Leaf II see Canadian Car & Foundry Aircraft Production at Fort William on the Eve of World War II by Jonathan Grenville Kirton.