Saturday, May 2, 2020

An achievement worth celebrating!

It has been a while since I've written a new entry, but good things are worth waiting for! In the coming months there will be additional new announcements to share that are currently under production, however, today I am happy to share the success of two young women who discovered Elsie and decided to engage with her story:

Elizabeth Herrera and Vanessa Wasieleski

I spoke with them over the holidays about a school project that they were working on to tell Elsie's story that sounded quite intriguing. And, they just recently informed me that they ended up placing 3rd in the state competition in Texas with their video documentary"Elsie MacGill: Queen of the Hurricanes"

When I first started working on Elsie's story in 2003, the most frequent response I received when I asked if someone knew her was: "Elsie who?" The fact that Elsie's story continues to be picked up increasingly in Canada, the United States and elsewhere means that a wide range of people are learning about her and her achievements and passing them on!

Sharing important historical lessons is a dream for any historian. I therefore send out a virtual salute to the hard work and dedication of these two up and coming historians!

Warmest congratulations!